The Gore-tex Transalpine run

South Tyrol’s running event

Over eight stages, participants in the Gore-Tex Transalpine run compete, whatever the wind and the weather, tackling mountain passes and forest trails and pitting themselves against the best of the best.

As one of the most challenging events in our latitude, the event attracts over 600 runners from 30 nations every year. Participants start in Ruhpolding, Germany, with a view to being the first to get to the town of Sesto in the Dolomites.

At the half-way point the runners go through the Ahrntal Valley. From Predoi to Campo in Tures, continuing in a mountain sprint up to the Speikboden, continuing from Campo Tures to St. Vigil. The runners then celebrate, after having trained for a full year for this event – maybe you’ll be a part of it all!

Pure power – the Gore-Tex Transalpine run

The adventure of crossing the Alps is extreme and presents an extraordinary workload for the runners. Fantastic organisation, medical care and a great deal of enthusiasm carries fellow runners to the finish.

All participants are rewarded with a unique natural backdrop, while those in the top positions will get trophies to take home with them. Exciting sprints, touching moments and an event which has a unique character awaits spectators. Experience the Gore-Tex Transalpine run for yourself!