An excursion to Lago di Neves in South Tyrol

The lake in the mountains

In the water in Lago di Neves is the reflection of the peaks of the three-thousand metre mountains in the Ahrntal Valley. The Hohe Weißzint (3371 metres), the Thurnerkamp (3418 metres) and the Große Möseler (3479 metres) look sublime, lined by lush green forests, typically Alpine vegetation and a romantic hiking trail.

Up at around 1800 metres altitude you get to enjoy the crystal clear mountain air and the time to be enchanted by the unique natural backdrop. The Neves altitude trail is the more demanding variant for exploring the area, since with 6 to 8 hours of walking the hike is indeed possible in a day, nonetheless it shouldn’t be underestimated.

There are of course smaller tours too to the Edelrauhütte and to the Chemnitzerhütte. Conquering the summit of a three-thousand metre mountain is associated with an easy climb – yet experience and skill are required to scale the imperious rock giants.

In the summer you can take the road right up to the lake, so you can enjoy a more relaxed start to your excursion.

A walk around Lago di Neves in South Tyrol

Your route to Lago di Neves takes you to Lappago. After a short drive you come to the car park, from where you now continue on foot. The view to the lake then opens out before you; a lake completely untouched by human hand, shaping the landscape. Its water comes from the clear and fresh water sources in the Ahrntal Valley.

Follow the Lago di Neves altitude trail, passing the glacier moraines, rock monuments and traditional alpine inns in the region. Barely any other hike is so variety-packed, has so much character and potential for unforgettable natural adventures in South Tyrol.

Also worth a visit in winter – the area around Lago di Neves is excellently suited for exploring on your touring skis. In spring in particular with the firn snow and beaming sunshine, hiking in the surrounding mountains is a real pleasure.

Get information from our hotel team about the loveliest places in the region – and about when and to what extent the road up to the lake is passable. Enjoy your holiday with us and your trip to Lago di Neves in South Tyrol.