Your holiday in Merano

Palms at the foot of the mountains

From spa town to top destination for that Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle – that is Merano, where palm trees adorn the townscape as much as traditional South Tyrolean buildings. Even in the 19th century the Merano air was rumoured to have a therapeutic effect.

Visited in previous times by Empress Elisabeth of Austria, today Merano is an excursion destination for relaxing times in the south of the state. Merano has wonderful celebrations; you will find relaxation in the gorgeous gardens and will be enchanted by the wide and varied range of cultural offers.

Immerse yourself in the spa realm in this spa town. Designed by famous architect Matteo Thun, the building impresses with crisp lines and takes influence from the natural surroundings in Merano.

Surrounded by the Gruppo di Tessa nature park and the region’s vineyards, Merano provides a wide and varied network of routes, tempting you to head out on shorter and longer hikes – there’s also nothing to stop you from heading out on a leisurely stroll in your sandals, the view across the Merano basin is inspiring. Mediterranean flora and fauna merge harmoniously into the Alpine landscape.

Explore the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, where refined art has space and the natural surroundings impress, providing a legendary backdrop. Merano is cultured, Merano is unique, only a 1 ½ hour drive from our hotels in South Tyrol and definitely worth a visit.

Each day is an event. Your holiday in Merano

Just cast a glance at the Merano event calendar; the town is exceptionally imaginative when it comes to inspiring people.

The grape festival is a highlight in Merano’s event-packed year. The end of the wine harvest is heralded by traditional music – you get to enjoy the delights of the region and celebrate a productive season with locals and guests alike.

The Merano Wine festival, organised by Gourmet International, is one of the most popular wine festivals in Europe. Whether it is the music week or the Christmas market – in Merano there is so much on offer whatever the season.

Those of you who enjoy art and culture will be impressed by the extensive range of museums and exhibits. In Palais Mamming Museum all of the archaeological finds and also artworks from Tyrol are exhibited. The Touriseum recounts the impressive development of tourism in Tyrol, from the very beginnings to today.

The fact that authors are quite happy to settle where there is plenty of inspiration, is evident here too. Merano has always provided unique inspiration for intellectuals – and its summer meet-up has become established as a highlight in the cultural year for those in artistic professions.

Not to be missed in this spa town - Garden Nights. Over the summer at Trauttmansdorff Castle there are appearances from international bands – the castle gardens and the facade are wonderfully lit up and the atmosphere is breath-taking.

Discover this Alpine-Mediterranean adventure for yourself – during your holiday in Merano.