Your excursion to the Reinbach Waterfalls

Powerful water

Babbling and thundering; bubbling and spluttering – the impressive waters of the Reinbach waterfalls fall on to the jagged rocks in the Ahrntal mountains, massing again and following a wonderfully meandering watercourse.

Here in Campo Tures the natural element of water reveals itself in a spectacular manner. It shapes the landscape and demonstrates its powerful force. At 1.5 kilometres in length it proceeds in lively fashion down the mountain and gives you a tingling sensation on your skin when the beads of water are whipped up by the wind. Several waterfalls are incorporated in a wildly romantic fashion into South Tyrol’s natural surroundings and their very presence provides amazement time and again.

Start your fantastic hike here. In a walk lasting 2 to 3 hours you are almost able to discover the Reinbach gorge in its entirety. Routes with great surfaces proceed along the banks of the stream into the heavily forested areas. Look forward to this unique and invigorating adventure.

Nature water games – Reinbach waterfalls

With an altitude difference of some 238 metres, this hike is an easy one to tackle, while you get to experience the impressive natural surroundings on the 7 kilometre route. A leisurely stop-off in the Toblhof is a wonderful way to complete this experience.

With every step you can sense the natural history background of the Reinbach Waterfalls and how it has always characterised the massifs. This primitive force occupies its hunting ground in a sublime manner, creating oases which enable you to enjoy some dreamy relaxation.

Let the natural surroundings tempt you in and start your tour in the centre of the town of Campo Tures, where there is a notice board providing more information about your hike. The route then proceeds slightly uphill, following the path of contemplation. At the next fork in the road bear left and after a few metres you will come to a little, contemplative nook. Follow the ascent now via a set of steps and hike along the Reinbach gorge – until you are welcomed by the magical view of the waterfalls.

Take a bit of time to enjoy this beautiful natural spectacle - the Reinbach Waterfalls.