Climbing in South Tyrol

Head for the heavens

Climbing is a tradition in South Tyrol – and today more than ever it is a popular and trendy sport. Experience a feeling of elation on the vertical, focus on every handhold and step, one destination in sight, working on your inner balance – climbing is a mountain sport for a new generation.

With us in the valley of three-thousand metre mountains a variety of climbing crags, climbing routes and via ferrata routes invite you to show off your skills. The gneiss and granite rocks provide a surface with plenty of grip, which makes for safe, pleasant climbing – even on the beginner routes.

Conquer the Tobl climbing crag, where you get to experience a new dimension of this inspirational mountain sport. The crag is easily accessible and is enticing with a wide variety of routes, of every difficulty level.

Other climbing crags include the Drittlsond-Speikboden and the Pursteinwand. For those of you who are fans of secured paths we recommend a trip to the Schwarzenstein via ferrata route, which takes even less adept climbers up to impressive heights.

A safe adventure for all the family awaits in the high ropes courses in in Lutago, Campo Tures and also in Cadipietra. Ropes and footholds are secured between the trees, with safety sections throughout, which means they are perfect for children, who get to enjoy their own skills after they have enjoyed some expert tuition.

Bouldering & climbing in South Tyrol

Anyone who loves climbing will be inspired by bouldering too. With the safety of mats, you climb just a few metres above the ground and get to sample great climbing fun.

As well as the open-air bouldering areas of Heachnbichl-Tobl and the Schwarzbachalm, the Ahrntal Valley also provides a bouldering area in Campo Tures. You get to practice here no matter what the weather conditions, with a personal coach if you want; meanwhile real experts get to set out on the cliffs for a climbing adventure.

Fantastic mountaineering and climbing tours can be found in the high Alpine terrain, promising adrenaline-filled and superb moments. South Tyrol’s knowledgeable mountain guides are happy to head out with you. Find out about our mountains, the team in our hotel in South Tyrol look forward to advising you in person about the climbing on offer in South Tyrol.