Hiking in South Tyrol

Peak moments up on the three-thousand metre mountains

Pleasure hiking, summitteering, a forest walk or mountain tour – the Ahrntal Valley is a wonderfully unspoilt paradise for aficionados who want to get to know the natural surroundings at their most impressive.

Over 80 three-thousand metre mountains sit enthroned above the region, barely anywhere else are the Alps more impressive than they are here. Step by step follow in the footsteps of the real greats of mountain sports and in so doing discover the superb variety provided by this hiking region. Between a mellow 800 metres and a challenging 3500 metres altitude, the range of tours on offer has something to suit every need and every ability level.

Exceptionally gifted Alpinists will find some favourite routes here as much as those who enjoy relaxing Nordic Walks and families who enjoy being out and about. Come on up and be inspired by the beauty of this dreamy alpine setting.

Mountain adventures as individual as you. Hiking in South Tyrol

The themed trails in the Ahrntal Valley are known across the globe and are exceptionally popular with hikers. The natural surroundings here are as inspiring as they are incomparably rich in diversity – alpine roses, lush greenery, mighty rock massifs and vigorously babbling mountain streams characterise the landscape; an experience you’ll not forget.

From an extended circuit of the alpine pastures, taking up to 10 hours to walk, to the family ‘Witches’ trail’ and walks along the bottom of the valley, every wish is fulfilled. It is not just the summits which are simultaneously calm and elegant, the mountain lakes are calming in themselves too as are the Klamml, Klaus and Mühlwalder lakes, which sit like rare gems in the impressive scenery. The steep paths which go past these lakes make it possible for you to conquer the summit up to the Schwarzenstein, which, at 2398 metres altitude, towers above the surrounding three-thousand metre mountains; its beauty is hard to top.

But it isn’t just summiteers who will be amazed by the panorama, gourmets will be too. A journey on the Klausberg and Speikboden cable cars, which operate from early summer until late autumn, take you into a sea of summits, while the many traditional alpine inns tempt hikers in to enjoy the views and some traditional culinary flights of fancy. You can probably already sense that hiking in South Tyrol is an experience in itself.