Speikboden in the Ahrntal Valley

Traditional on the mountain

The Speikboden in the Ahrntal Valley is one of the biggest and most impressive hiking areas in the region. Guided tours through the picture-perfect mountains in South Tyrol take place weekly – and every day the area provides inspiration with a variety of highlights, like sports tournaments, parties for children and families, as well as the popular Weibo-Kischta, an authentic traditional festival, which brings South Tyrolean culture to life.

Get to know the Speikboden, the westerly foothills of the Zillertal Alps, while out on a hike, a mountain bike excursion or during a leisurely walk. The summits of the Seewassernock (2516 metres), the Große Nock (2400 metres) and the Gornerberg (2475 metres) are worthwhile destinations for a more extensive mountain tour. When the sun spreads its first rays across the majestic tops of the mountains, nature works its magic on the Speikboden. You also get to enjoy a guided hike at sunrise, the magic of which you will remember for a long time to come. Start at the Speikboden valley station, experience a night-time journey up the mountain and in just a 20 minute walk you will be at the summit cross and will have reached the legendary location, where you get to enjoy the spectacle of the natural surroundings.

Paragliders & magic times in the alpine lodges on the Speikboden in the Ahrntal Valley

Paragliders regard the Speikboden as an outstanding area for long distance flights, and it is no longer only the stomping ground of South Tyrol’s paragliding experts. Throughout the summer you will find outstanding conditions for dreamy flights.

Yet the Speikboden is not just a real gem from an eagle-eye view, it is also a real paradise for every mountain sport and at the same time an idyllic anchor of calm with traditional alpine inns and the original charm of the Alps. The sun-kissed Sonnklarhütte at 2420 metres also has a historic background and is one of the most popular stop-off areas for hikers and mountaineers.

Relax at 2000 metres above the hub-bub and enjoy traditional indulgence in the gourmet destination, the Speikboden.